Witney 4 v Wantage 2 (15 February 2016)

Witney 4
Wantage 2
 Gilders, Ian (126)
0 - 1
 Brown, Gordon D (119)
 Hauer, Marianne (125)
1 - 0
 Booker, Julian (98)
 Flory, Mark (118)
0.5 - 0.5
 Mills, Matt (92)
 Waller, Guy (118)
0 - 1
 Thompson, Steven (80)
 Read, William (105)
1 - 0
  Stubberfield, Derek (7)
 Murray, Jon (83)
1 - 0
 Kachkanov, Slava ( )
2.5 - 3.5
Being a devision below our opponents we only required 2 ½ points in order to secure passage to the next round, which we achieved after a nail-biting final game between Gordon and the opposing captain.

In a bold move sacrificing quite a lot of material to gain 2 passed pawns Gordon kept the pressure on his opponent, and slowly gained the momentum, and ultimately mate.

On the second board things were looking very even until Julian accidentally knocked a pawn on route to making his desired move, and eventually ended in an unfortunate loss.

Meanwhile in my game I was able to establish a strong attacking position, but was unable to break through my opponents defence, and we agreed a draw.

Our other victory of the night came from Steve, whose advanced pawn and 2 rooks were too much for his opponent.

I missed all of Dereks game, and saw only a few moves of Slava’s, where a missed opportunity to take his opponents queen resulted in eventual loss.

So congratulations to the team, who will now face Banbury 2 at home in the coming weeks.
Report by Matt Mills