Cowley Workers 1 v Wantage 1 (7 March 2016)

Cowley Workers 1
Wantage 1
 Willis, Graham (131)
0 -1
 Piggot, Roly (150)
 Riley, Adrian K (122)
0.5 - 0.5
 Ashford, Martin (148)
 Courouble, John (113)
0.5 - 0.5
 Bekris, Nicolas (144)
 Coilebrook, Martyn (111)
0 - 1
 Hemmings, Peter (141)
 Palienkiewicz, Pawel (78)
0 - 1
 Morris, Stephen (137)
 Matilal, Tamal (95)
1 - 0
 Brown, Gordon D (119)
2 - 4
ROLY I had sacrificed a pawn against my opponent's rather passive Pirc defence, then pressure against f7 enabled me to win the exchange.  The ending with 2 rooks and a knight against a rook and 2 knights could have been tricky but, when my opponent unwisely snatched a queenside pawn, I was able to drive his king into a mating net.

MARTIN: I won a pawn fairly early on in the game but foolishly proceeded to then lose a pawn back.  I  managed to get another pawn but overlooked that Kelly could then sacrifice a bishop for two pawns enabling him to keep checking with his queen.  The only way to stop him would have been to exchange queens when I think he would have been able to win the resulting ending.

NICOLAS: Was a pawn up in a king & pawns endgame but had to settle for a draw.

PETER: Won rather quickly. His opponent played a careless rook move which cost a piece, though the loss could have been limited to the exchange.

STEPHEN I played a Queen's Gambit and it was fairly even for most of the game, although he did have significant pressure with a bishop along the a8-h1 diagonal. In a critical position he played a weak move: this allowed me to fork his queen and rook with my bishop, and to get my queen deep into his position. He resigned a couple of moves later when mate was inevitable.

GORDON Just when I thought my season was getting better, I suffered quite a humiliating defeat. Despite being a bishop up, the position was quite complicated and my opponent was putting the pressure on my overloaded pieces. I then did something I've never done before, with his rook, my knight and my queen all in a line I moved my knight (to take a bishop) to leave my queen en prise. The ultimate indignity was that Fritz thought it was the best move as my position was pretty awful! Well done to the rest of the team.

Report by the Players