Wantage 1 v Oxford City 3 (25 October 2016)

Wantage 1
Oxford City 3
 Robbings, Andrew (184)
1 - 0
 Anand, Shubham (-)
 Ashford, Martin E (146)
1 - 0
 Brindley, Malcolm (127)
 Piggott, Roly (144)
1 - 0
 King, Tim J (129)
 Langham, Rod E (-)
1 - 0
 Leighton-Bell, Andy (-)
 Litwiniec, Miroslawa (-)
1 - 0
 Creasey, Mark (120)
 Richards, Simon A (120)
1 - 0
 Smith, Lucy K (115)
6 - 0
Captain Roly Piggott had targeted this tie versus City 3 as a must win match, and his players duly delivered in spades.    I cannot recall a clean sweep like this for any Wantage team in the past.

Mirka got us off to a great start with a tactical flurry that won significant material and soon converted. 

Rod's opponent forgot that his rook was attacked, touched his bishop and of course had to move this piece.  But Rod was a pawn up at he time and likely to win anyway.

Martin's win was effectively due to a passed central pawn whose coronation  was set to cost his opponent  ruinous material  

Roly was involved in a complex game where he eventually amassed significant material gain.

When I saw Andy's game first,  I spotted he was a piece up , and it was then a question of keeping the pressure on and then  winning more stuff to end the game.

Finishing last,  Simon's  game was a bit more mundane.  But he played well in a rook and pawn ending one pawn up  to get our sixth win.

So a welcome victory overall, which will stand the team in good stead for upcoming tougher tests

Report by George Spalding