Bicester 1 v Wantage 1 (22 November 2016)

Bicester 1
Wantage 1
 Marlow, Mike (159)
1 - 0
 Ashford, Martin E (146)
 Beckett, Richard (145)
0 - 1
 Piggott, Roly (144)
 Harrison, Michael (136)
0 - 1
 Langham, Rod E (-)
 Earl, Chris (126)
0.5 - 0.5
 Litwiniec, Miroslawa (-)
 Hartmann, Per (90)
0.5 - 0.5
 Morris, Stephen A (1§31)
 Cassar, Nikolai (54)
1 - 0
 Hemmings, Peter (130)
2 - 4
 The first game to finish was the top board clash between Martin and former Wantage player Mike Marlow; Martin seemed to have things well in hand until he simply left a piece en prise - we have all done it!

Then Stephen agreed a draw - he got an isolated pawn that proved troublesome but ended up in an even rook and pawn ending

My opponent followed the book for a long time against my Alekhine's defence but then shed a pawn and, after some exchanges, decided the endgame was hopeless and resigned.

We then went into the lead when Peter's very young opponent failed to find a defence to a fearsome kingside attack.

Of the two remaining games, Rod's looked the more promising; he had a monster bishop on e5, supported by active rooks and queen, whilst his opponent's pieces had been driven into passive defence - Rod chose the right moment to exchange bishops and his attack soon forced his opponent to resign.

Meanwhile, Mirka was uncharacteristically short of time and under pressure from her opponent's dangerous central breakthrough but she defended resourcefully and her opponent, pressing too eagerly for the win, blundered queen for rook; with the match already decided in our favour, Mirka settled for a draw.

Report by Roly Piggott