Wantage 2 v Oxford University 3 (21 February 2017)

Wantage 2
Cowley 5
 Morris, Stephen (130)
0.5 - 0.5
 Croghan, Thomas (-)
 Thompson, Steven (84)
0 - 1
 Holdsworth, Oliver (-)
 Leake, John (79)
1 - 0
 Srivastava, Tarun (-)
 Kachkanov, Slava (45)
1 - 0
 Langton, Thomas (-)
 Chrtistensen, Idun (-)
0 - 1
 Barnkob, Mike (-)

1 - 0
3.5 - 2.5
Aided by a 1 point advantage (University 3 were only able to bring 5 players), we eventually beat the team 3 ½ - 2 ½.

Slava scored out first win, fairly convincingly, being several pieces ahead early on.

Idun made a debut appearance for the Junior section, and performed admirably.  Although going a knight down in the opening she didn’t give in and managed to defend against several attacks. Unfortunately her opponents material advantage was too much in the end game, and she lost against a single rook and a pawn she could do nothing to stop promoting.

I missed the key point in Steve Thompson’s game, but he said failing to castle lost him the game.

John looked to be in a tricky position against 2 aggressive rooks and some advanced pawns, but he had a possible back rank mate opportunity into which his opponent eventually blundered.

The final game was drawn to give us overall victory.  His opponent had the advantage early on but then Stephen went onto the attack but was not able to land a killer blow.  With time running out and oth sides level on material, a draw was agreed.

Report by Matt Mills and Stephen Morris