Cumnor 2 v Wantage 2 (4 May 2017)

Cumnor 2
Wantage 2
 Carr, Robin (132)
1 - 0
 Richards, Simon (123)
 Cluley, Graham (117)
0 - 1
 Spalding, George (121)
 Ives, Leonora (106)
1 - 0
 Mills, Matt (104)
 Bennett, Steven (101)
1 - 0
 Thompson, Steven (84)
 Steel, Robery (79)
0 - 1
 Cordon, Ray (76)
 Monteiro, Pedro (-)
1 - 0
 Kachkanov, Slava (45)
4 - 2
More tales of woe from the second team I'm afraid. We lost our penultimate match 4:2, away to Cumnor.

I saw little of the match, being totally engrossed in my own game. Even though I had the advantage of white, I always seemed to be a move behind, and was unable to get any form of advantage. Having finally devised a cunnning plan to win a bishop, it turned out my opponent had a more cunning one and went a knight up. I was able to reduce the deficit to a pawn, but my opponent had her pieces all over my half of the board, and I gave up the ghost in the face of an unstoppable pawn.

George was a pawn down in what looked like a drawn rook end game, but was able to occupy his opponent with checks until his clock ran down, his opponent too keen to push for a victory to think off offering a draw.

In a rare defeat for Slava, the first I saw of his game he was already a queen down, after he had it hemmed in.

Steve had his opponent (to whom he habitually loses) worried, but unfortunately lost position and the game.

Ray went a bishop up early on, and was able to keep the advantage and win.

And I saw nothing of Simon's game unfortunately. 
Report by Matt Mills